Grand Theft Auto 3 Download PC + Highly Compressed [2023]

Grand Theft Auto 3 Download PC Game

Grand Theft Auto 3 download for pc highly compressed


Grand Theft Auto 3 Download PC is an action-adventure game developed by DMA Design in 2001 and published by Rockstar Games. It is the fifth title in the Grand Theft Auto series and the first major entry since Grand Theft Auto 2 in 1999. The game takes place in the fictional city of Liberty City in New York and follows a criminal named Claude after having declared him dead was and quickly becomes involved in a world of gangs, crimes, and corruption. The game is played from the point of view of a third person and their universe is explored on foot or by vehicle. The open-world design allows players to roam the three Liberty City islands freely.

The development was shared between Edinburgh-based DMA Design and New York-based Rockstar. Much of the development work involved converting popular elements from the Grand Theft Auto series for the first time into a fully 3D world. TheĀ GTA 3 Download PC was delayed after the September 11 attacks so the team could change the credentials and gameplay that were deemed inappropriate. It was released in October 2001 for the PlayStation 2, in May 2002 for Microsoft Windows and in October 2003 for the Xbox.

Grand Theft Auto 3 PC Download was highly appreciated by critics for its release, the concept, and the gameplay is particularly appreciated. However, the game has also sparked controversy, with criticisms aimed at portraying violence and sex. It became the best-selling video game of 2001 and has sold more than 14.5 million copies since then. Considered by many critics to be one of the most important titles in the sixth generation of video games and one of the greatest video games of all time, it has won a number of year-end awards, including the “Game of the Year” prize awarded by several game publications. Since its release, it has received ports on many different gaming platforms. For the tenth anniversary of the game, an extended version of the game was released on mobile platforms in 2011. Its successor, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, was released in October 2002.

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Grand Theft Auto 3 Download for PC Features:

  • Grand Theft Auto 3 is an action-adventure game from a third-person perspective. Players complete missions – linear scenarios with set goals – to go through the story. It is possible that several active missions are carried out at the same time since certain missions require that players wait for other instructions or events. Outside of missions, players can freely roam the open world of the game and complete optional side missions. Liberty City is made up of three boroughs: Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale; The last two areas will be unlocked throughout history.
  • Players can run, jump, or use vehicles to navigate the game world. In combat, automatic aiming can be used as an aid against enemies. If players are injured, their health indicator can be fully regenerated using health sensors. Body protection can be used to absorb fire and explosive damage, but it is exhausted. When the health is completely exhausted, the gameplay stops and the players reappear in the nearest hospital, at the cost of losing the armor and a lot of money.
  • If the players commit crimes during the game, the law enforcement authorities of the game can respond as indicated by a “wanted” message on the head-up display (HUD). On the meter, the stars displayed indicate the level currently desired (for example, with a maximum of six stars, the efforts of the police to put players out of action become very aggressive). Law enforcement officers are looking for players to leave the desired environment. The wanted ad goes into recovery mode and finally resigns when the players are hidden from the officers’ line of sight.
  • The game allows players to control the silent criminal Claude. Throughout history, Claude meets various new characters from gangs. When players complete missions for different gangs, other gang members often defend the players, while rival gang members recognize the players and then shoot on sight. During free roaming in the game world, players can perform activities such as a self-defense mini-game, firefighting activity, rescue service, and taxi service. Performing these activities provides contextual rewards to players. For example, after completing the Vigilante mission, players can bribe the police after committing a crime.
  • The fight in Grand Theft Auto III has been redesigned to allow players to shoot while passing while looking sideways in a car.
  • Players use melee attacks, guns and explosives to fight enemies. The firearms include weapons such as the Micro Uzi, an M16 rifle and a flame thrower. The three-dimensional environment of the game allows for a first-person view when you aim the sniper rifle, rocket launcher, and M16 rifle. The combat of the game has also been redesigned so that players can shoot while looking sideways in a vehicle. The game offers players a variety of weapon options – they can be purchased from local arms dealers, found on the ground, found by dead enemies, or found across town.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Gameplay:

Grand Theft Auto 3 System Requirements:


  • CPU: Pentium III 450 MHz CPU
  • RAM: 96 MB RAM
  • GPU: 16 MB Direct3D Video Card
  • DX: Direct X 8.1
  • Win 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Store: 500MB free hard disk space
  • Store: 500MB free hard disk space
  • ODD: 8X CD-Rom

How To Install:

  • Download from the link below
  • Extract file
  • Run the given setup
  • Enjoy full game free

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