Darksiders Genesis PC v1.04 + Game Download PC [2023]

Darksiders Genesis Download PC Game

darksiders genesis highly compressed


Darksiders Genesis PC Download is the beginning of the creation, THE COUNCIL has maintained the balance of existence. Your orders execute HORSES, Nephilim (powerful beings who have emerged from the abnormal union of angels and demons). Moreover,  who have committed themselves to the council and have acquired immense power. However, this power comes at a tragic price: runners have been ordered to use their new power to wipe out the rest of their species.

Darksiders Genesis Game Download For PC followed was a bloody battle over Eden, in which the horsemen, following the advice of the council, wiped out the Nephilim. WAR and STRIFE have always gotten a new mission – LUCIFER, the enigmatic and deceptive demon king, planned to upset the balance by empowering demons through hell. War and conflict must drive out these masters, gather information and finally make their way through a confusing demonic conspiracy that threatens to upset the balance forever and threatens to unravel all of creation.

Darksiders Genesis Features:

  • The game is played from top to bottom and allows players to switch between quarrel and war at any time. Strife uses his pistols while War uses his Chaos Eater sword.
  • Alternatively, two players can play the game in cooperative mode, each player playing the role of one of the characters.
  • Once the player has killed enough enemies, he can use burst abilities to help him defeat his enemies faster.
  • The currency of the game is the souls that can be won by killing enemies that appear in front of the player.
  • Platform elements that resemble previous games are back, and some gameplay mechanisms such as bombs are also in place

Darksiders Genesis Gameplay:

How To install:

  • Download highly compressed file from the link below
  • Extract file using WinRAR
  • Run the given setup Enjoy
  • Enjoy


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