Bendy And The Ink Machine PC Game Download [2023]

Bendy And The Ink Machine PC Download

download bendy and the ink machine for pc

Bendy And The Ink Machine PC Download retired host Henry Stein received a letter from his former employer, Joey Drew, asking him to return to Joey’s animation studio and watch something important. He visits the studio and finds it deserted, but discovers an “ink machine” in the basement which was installed sometime after the departure of Henry 30 years earlier.

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Henry wakes up and starts looking for another way out to finally reach the studio’s music department. Henry finds a stairwell leading to the exit, but the entrance is full of ink. In search of a way to empty it, he is attacked by a gang of ink creatures known as researchers. Once defeated, Henry enters the studio of Sammy Lawrence, the studio’s music director. After completing several ink-draining tasks, Henry rushes to the exit but is attacked by Sammy, whose body has been turned into ink.

Bendy And The Ink Machine PC Game Download Features

  • Henry befriends Boris and the two leave his improvised warehouse to continue looking for an exit. In the studio’s toys section you will find another ink creature which is a distorted version of the character Alice Angel.
  • She leads her to her hiding place and reveals that she has collected the ink from the other characters to keep herself beautiful. Henry has to multitask for Alice so that she can free him and Boris. She learned by tape that the original Alice actress became bitter when Joey suddenly replaced her.
  • Henry exits the crushed elevator, ventures deeper into the studio in search of Boris and finds a living room full of lost people, ink creatures who show no hostility.
  • He also discovers that Joey had planned to open a Bendy-themed amusement park with the help of the famous car designer Bertrum Piedmont. Henry enters a large warehouse with rides, games, and accessories from the proposed park. Bendy and the Ink Machine is a first-person action horror game that begins in the last days of the animation and ends in a very dark future.
  • To reach Boris, Henry must revitalize the attraction of the haunted house by finding and operating a series of switches, one of which is guarded by a journey fused with the remains of an avenging Bertrum.
  • Allison and Tom hold Henry captive, but he ends up gaining Allison’s trust and she gives him a “vision tool” to use to see the messages hidden on the walls. After Tom Ink accidentally tells Bendy where they are hiding, he and Allison leave Henry and run away.
  • Henry escapes alone and crosses a stream of ink with a pedal boat and reaches a shanty town built by the lost. There, Henry is attacked by Sammy, who would have survived his meeting with Ink Bendy at the end of Chapter 2 and accuses Henry of Ink Bendy’s decision to leave him.
  • Unmasked by Henry, Sammy takes over and tries to kill him to be killed by Tom instead. Tom and Allison help Henry fight the plaintiffs and the lost, who apparently were only checked by Sammy, and Henry falls into the administrative offices.


Bendy And The Ink Machine System Requirements:

  • Windows (minimum specs): OS: 10. Processor: 32. Memory: 8 GB RAM. Graphics: 4GB Dedicated.
  • Mac OS X (minimum specs): OS: Sierra. Memory: 8 GB RAM. Storage: 800 MB available space.
  • Linux (minimum specs): Memory: 8 GB RAM. Storage: 800 MB available space.

How To Install:

  • Click the download button below and you should be redirected to the download page
  • Extract the file using WinRAR
  • Run the setup
  • Enjoy full game free


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